The Most Luxurious Neighborhoods in Bangkok

The Most Luxurious Neighborhoods in Bangkok

Bangkok is a vibrant city known all over the world. With such diverse neighborhoods with their own stories to tell, it’s no surprise that people want to move to Bangkok and experience what the Big Mango has to offer. Nestopa has you covered with our listings for luxury properties for sale in Bangkok. Read on and find out how you too can live in utter luxury in the big city.

The Five Most Luxurious Neighborhoods in Bangkok

If there is a word to describe Bangkok, it’s harmony. This is a city in which the most modern skyscrapers and busiest streets can meet the serene splendor of a temple. The Big Mango is also known for its luxury, as well as various luxury properties for sale in Bangkok, ranging from penthouse suites in the business district to the most exclusive villas. Here are five of the most luxurious neighborhoods in Bangkok, and what each has to offer for the discerning buyer.

Sathon: Smart, Sophisticated, Business Casual

There is a good reason Sathon consistently makes it to the top of property listings on the market. As the modern beating heart of Bangkok, Sathon embodies the youthful spirit of Thai innovation and commerce and is also near popular destinations like Yaowarat. It’s also home to some of the best properties for sale in Bangkok that money can buy! Conveniently located on the BTS line, several government offices, and other high-class establishments, those who want to savor more than just finery will surely find Sathon to be well worth their money!

Thonglor: More Than Just a Social Space

Thonglor has long established itself as the place to be for the well-heeled and the sociable. Replete with some of the most well-recognized brands in the Thai hotelier business, it’s also home to several boutique cafes, fancy restaurants, and several high-rise residences under the marque of property giants such as Sansari and Gaysorn Property. Although listings for properties for sale in Bangkok consistently list prices at premium rates, Thonglor is more than just a social space. It is a lifestyle.

Ratchadamri: Parks, Sports Clubs, Prestige

At first glance, it may seem that Ratchadamri might seem like any other neighborhood near the heart of Bangkok: urban and trendy. But that’s where the similarities end. Ratchadamri has made a name for itself for its lush greenspaces, the most famous of which is Lumpini Park. This neighborhood is also home to the prestigious Royal Bangkok Sports Club: the country’s first racecourse and a popular hangout for Bangkok’s elite. One thing to note about Ratchadamri is that property prices here are notably on the high side, owing to few real estate developments in recent years. Nevertheless, Ratchadamri still offers many attractive properties for sale in Bangkok, particularly for those who are interested in outdoor activities.

Phrom Pong: A Little Slice of Japan

Phrom Pong is near and dear to Bangkokians, and the reason becomes apparent the moment you step foot here. Known for its deluxe shopping malls such as EmQuartier and the Emporium, Phrom Pong is also recognizable for the many businesses owned and operated by a thriving Japanese expat community. Property sales in Bangkok have listed condos here as being quite affordable, and with a lively nightlife and several dining options to choose from, Phrom Pong is a neighborhood you will never get bored of!

Ari: Quiet Times, Hipster Vibes


Ari is a neighborhood that deserves a special mention for being quite affordable despite being closer to the heart of the city. Ari is notably convenient, and it’s easy to get around by BTS. This area is notably further away from the more touristy attractions, which makes it ideal for those who want to avoid the crowds and enjoy a more relaxed pace of living. Property sales websites in Bangkok typically list reasonably priced properties in this area, which adds to the appeal. When it comes to local attractions, Ari has just as much to offer and boasts one of the liveliest and most diverse dining options in the city.


Bangkok is a city of harmonious contrasts that has much to offer to a discerning buyer. Whether you’re shopping around for a penthouse suite in the middle of the city or just looking for a laidback neighborhood to stay in, each of the city’s residential areas has unique stories to tell, and just as many hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Visit Nestopa now and view our listings for properties for sale in Bangkok!